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One of our core competencies is assisting customers in the long term programs, supporting them from the design of new projects offering technical support for DFM, from prototype to the production phase. We are market driven and focused on the customers needs which had led to a more widespread product offering
Aagy can support its customers in developing and design complex engineering activities, from feasibility and specification to requirements deployment and product development up to production. We can support several different kind of development based on custom and/or COTS or MOTS products.
Aagy is a leading company in the field of components distribution and obsolescence management, during the last decade we supported our customers in solving obsolescence issue providing them support for the electronics device needs with different approaches depending on the obsolescence itself and the market availability.
We provide an “holistic” approach to the logical security, today more commonly defined “cybersecurity”. This allows us to understand what is really not secure in the ICT environment of a company. If we compare a system to a chain, the level of security of the whole chain, we have to consider that the level of security is equal than that of its weakest link…